Paisley Parc are a young and ambitious band from Wales who present a uniquely diverse sound that can be credited to their blend of personal influences. These influences have helped them create a fusion of indie vibes and country flares with gritty rock & roll at the heart.

Growing up together in a housing estate in Merthyr Tydfil South Wales, renowned for its historic working class roots and tough character, the friends were drawn together by their passion for the music they loved and a single minded dream that “if they don’t do this, then someone else will.” 

From their early days playing in local gig venues and festivals the band quickly built a solid fanbase who were captivated by their sound. The songs are fuelled by Jack M’s powerful vocals complimented by Ieuan’s masterful guitar riffs and the pinpoint instrumentation of the ever tight Talyn, Jack J & Morgan. 

Their sound has travelled well, and they can now boast a host of Spotify followers from all over the world with New Jersey, California, Italy and their hometown recording the highest numbers at the last count. 

The rich and creative use of genres are most noticeable with the 3 upcoming single releases of “CD”, “This Way” and “Lost”. Each song takes on a different style, tells a different part of the story that showcases that Paisley Parc are ready to move from a local to a global outfit.



Manager: Gary Bunko +44 (0) 7974416660

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