Paisley Parc are a rock band from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. The band members consist of Jack Mason, Ieuan Evans, Morgan Stubbs, Talyn Griffiths and Jack Jones. They write music relevant to their upbringing, about the characters they’ve come across and the places they have visited. Paisley Parc shine optimism on their past experiences in the form of story-based writing, crunchy riffs, melodic tunes and catchy chorus’. 
The main objective for the five-piece is bringing enjoyment to their audience whether it be at a gig or someone kicking back and listening to their music.  They are constantly improving and looking for the best sound.


Lead Singer


Ever since I started listening to music I really wanted to get involved with it. I remember long drives in my old man’s car, listening to The Police, David Bowie, Van Morrison, and my favourite of the bunch, Bob Dylan. Rock music was instilled into me at a very young age and has stuck with me ever since. Ieuan started teaching me the basics of the guitar when I was 16 and after a couple of months jamming I started gigging and started writing not long after. I love being band, it’s a good laugh, I’ve made good friends and love sharing the stage with them.

Meet the Team

Gary Bunko


I have always been surrounded by music my whole life and I would call myself a punk rocker and self-proclaimed workaholic who loves to undertake new projects. When the band asked me to help them out about 18 months ago I was excited to take on such a great challenge and to combine my love for music and work. Having been inspired by several other successful artist managers such as Bowie’s manager Tony Defries who had incredible vision, Paul McGuiness of U2 who had such a firm loyalty and Malcom McClaren of the Sex pistols for his “balls”, I want to take these attributes and put them into my work for the band and see them reach their full potential.


Working with and developing such a talented group of young musicians as well as the support team around is such an inspiration to me. We have a work ethic like no other and a real “family” feel to what we are doing which makes me proud and excited in equal measure. I can’t wait to see where this journey in music will take us with the limitless possibilities, drive and mantra that “If we don’t do it, somebody else will”.

Hannah-Maria Viola


Being creative, making and listening to music, connecting with new people and travelling are my biggest passions in life and I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity given to me to be able to achieve all of these working with Paisley Parc. After a chance meeting and a discussion about music I was asked if I wanted to be the band's PA and be involved in every part of the journey and I am absolutely overjoyed to be onboard. 


I love all different genres of music and whilst RnB is my favourite style taking inspiration from the likes of Kehlani and Jhené Aiko, there was something so captivating about the boys music and their passion that I wanted to be part of the family we have created. From creating the website, to organising meetings, writing video synopsis’ and participating in podcasts, no day is the same and that’s one of the most exhilarating aspects of the role. I myself play guitar, violin, piano, sing and write and so to be surrounded by incredibly talented and creative people is such a fantastic experience. When not being involved in the music world I love to act, dance, box, play netball and travel the world. I am so excited to see the boys show the world the unique talents that they have and I love being able to support them at each step on the journey. 

James Weaver


My name is James Weaver. I am a music producer and recording engineer in Swansea, South Wales. I specialise in music production, and the recording, mixing, mastering, and editing of audio. I have been creating music alongside a plethora of great artists for over 10 years around Swansea and the surrounding areas, and have received radio play on radio stations nationwide such as BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Wales, Nation Radio, and the Wave.
It is my passion to create a great relationship with all the artists I work with, and to imbue a fun, calm, and inspiring atmosphere for building new ideas; ultimately getting the very best out of the artist and their music.

When I’m not in the studio, I love playing bass guitar and writing new music in my band The Effect. In the decade we’ve been a band, we have gone touring around the UK, released multiple EP’s, and now our latest album ‘Love Will Be The Death Of Us’. 
To relax, I love to play Xbox, listen to music (anything from rock, metal, to classical and movie soundtracks), and spend as much time as I can with friends and family.

Any chance I get to create and perform music is a blessing, and it’s an honor and a privilege to get the opportunity to work with so many extraordinary artists.


Rhys Davis
Graphic Designer

I’m Rhys Davies and I go by the alias tweaked design. I am a graphic designer / visual artist who has been designing for the past 6 years. My work takes influence from more practical forms of design such as photomontage and screen print. This influence grew from being part of alternative culture such as skateboarding and punk music allowing me to create modern work with a traditional edge. I am loving the new challenge working with Paisley Parc and helping them bring their visions to mind in graphic form.


Tom Barker

Tom Barker is a Swansea based cinematographer who works in feature films and commercials. Over the years Tom has built up an extensive portfolio of work from fantasy films to studio fashion shoots, working in the Finnish wilderness at -23°C to filming a beer commercial. Tom’s versatility and ability to adapt to any project makes him an invaluable creative talent on any shoot. Tom was the cinematographer for the latest two Paisley Parc videos and quickly became part of the team and the family created.